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Vivant VLeaF GO Vaporizer

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For Dry Herb

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Vivant VLeaF GO Dry Herb Vaporizer


The VLeaF GO is the perfect micro-dosing vaporizer. It heats up as soon as you press the fire button. There’s no need to wait for the unit to heat soak before use like most portable vaporizers. Just press fire and go! If you’re using a water pipe or if you don’t like pressing the button, the built-in session mode will fire the device for you for 30 seconds or until the button is pressed again. There’s also no need for an adapter. The cap is designed to fit into almost any water pipe stem, and also includes a built-in scoop tool for loading or stirring material. A removable chamber and heater make for incredibly easy cleaning and convenient replacement.

The VLeaF GO features three temperatures with indicator lights. A low, medium and high heat are indicated with green, yellow and red light around the fire button. The light will also display your battery life at the start of your session! The VLeaF GO is made to perfectly suit smaller amounts of material, drawing out delicious flavor and vapor, and avoiding waste. The ceramic heater is made from ss316 mesh which is encapsulated in zirconia ceramic which provides safe on-demand heating, better flavor, and a pure convection. The VLeaF GO is a super sleek, super stealthy, portable, pen shaped companion that you’ll want to take everywhere.


On-Demand Convection Heating
Built-In WPA Style Mouthpiece
Built-In Chamber Cleaning, Loading, Stirring Tool
Easy-to-Clean Removable/Replaceable Heater and Chamber
Simple Single Button Control
Session Mode: Auto Fire for 30 Seconds
Suitable for Micro-Dosing
Small, Stealthy Size: 5.5 inches tall by 0.75 inches wide


Loosely load your chamber with finely ground material. Overfilling can result in uneven heating. Turn your VLeaF GO on or off with 5 quick presses of the fire button. After the device has been turned on, it will display the battery life. Two presses in quick succession will allow you to select your temperature from low, medium or high. A green light is low, a yellow is medium and a red is high. Press and hold the fire button to take an on-demand draw. For session mode, press the button 3 times and it will automatically heat the VLeaF GO for 30 seconds or until the button is pressed again.


1 x VLeaF GO
1 x Removable Chamber
1 x Scoop Seal
1 x Mesh Ring
1 x Chamber O-ring
1 x Mesh
2 x Scoop O-rings
1 x Air Cooler
1 x Silicone Mouthpiece Cover
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Loading Tool
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual

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