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RX75 Bundle


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RX75 + 18650 Battery + Coil

RX75 Bundle

Reuleaux RX75, designed by Jaybo, inspired by VWT420, is skillfully equipped with dual circuit protection and variable temperature control system. Featuring the unique exterior design, all hidden buttons and multiple fashionable colors, the replaceable front cover is another highlight of the powerful yet intelligent device. With top e-liquid filling, bottom airflow control and detachable structure, Amor Mini can perfectly match the Reuleaux RX75.

RX75 Bundle
RX75 Bundle

Bundle Include:

1 * Reuleaux RX75
1 * Amor Mini
1 * Clear Front Cover
2 * Atomizer Head
2 * Mouthpiece
2 * Pin Screw
1 * USB Cable
1 * Sony 18650 Battery
1 * Amor Mini Coil (5pcs)
2 * User Manual (Reuleaux RX75 +Amor Mini)
1 * Warning Card

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