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Noisy Cricket II-22

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New Member of Noisy Cricket II Series
Optional Series-Parallel Circuit
Alternative Operating Mode
Multiple Circuit Protection Systems
Replaceable 18650 Cells
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Noisy Cricket II-22

Noisy Cricket II-22, a new member of Noisy Cricket II series, is fairly intelligent and multi-functional. Featuring the optional circuit in series and parallel, multiple circuit protection systems are applied which make the device much safe and reliable. Moreover, two modes are available under circuit in series: direct output and constant voltage output. The simplicity and efficiency make Noisy Cricket II-22 outstanding and popular.

Noisy Cricket II-22 Noisy Cricket II-22
Noisy Cricket II-22


Size: 46*22*87mm
Thread Type: 510 spring loaded thread
Cell Type: High-rate 18650 battery cell
(discharging current should be above 25A)

Standard Configuration

1 * Noisy Cricket II-22
1 * Warning Card
1 * User Manual

Optional Series-Parallel Circuit:

By overturning the circuit board only, circuit in series and parallel can be realized perfectly.

Noisy Cricket II-22

Alternative Operating Mode:

Under Cells in Series Circuit Condition, two modes are available: Direct Output mode and Constant Voltage Output mode.

Noisy Cricket II-22

Innovative Design of Adjustable Voltage:

By rotating the voltage regulating switch under series circuit, the output voltage can be adjusted from 2V to 6V.

Noisy Cricket II-22

Multiple Circuit Protection Systems:

Reverse polarity protection can be successfully achieved by the application of special battery anti reverse circuit in the circuit board.

Noisy Cricket II-22

Spring Loaded 510 Connector:

Multiple circuit protection systems are applied, realizing the overall protection of the device, which make it much safe and reliable.

Noisy Cricket II-22

Battery Display Function:

By glancing at the button light simply, you can know the current battery quantity easily.

Noisy Cricket II-22


Please take out the cells and charge them through external charger.

Noisy Cricket II-22
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