WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Quick Overview
Detachable and Washable Structure
Optional Atomizer Tube
Unique Vortex Flow Design
Rebuildable Heating Coil
Convenient Airflow Control
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INDE DUO Atomizer is a new member of Jaybo’s RDA series which features the detachable structure and optional atomizer tube. In addition to the rebuildable heating coils which can bring the fans DIY enjoyment, the convenient airflow control and unique vortex flow design also make INDE DUO Atomizer stand out from others.

Wismec Inde DUO
Wismec Inde DUO


Diameter: 22mm
Length: 36mm
Material: 303 stainless steel

Standard Configuration

1 * Atomizer Base
2 * Atomizer Tube(30&22mm)
1 * Airflow Control Ring
1 * Mouthpiece
4 * Seal Ring
3 * Hexagon Screw
1 * Warranty Card

Wismec Inde DUO

Unique Vortex Flow Design

The conical top cap which features the vortex flow design will bring you unexpected vaping pleasure.

Wismec Inde DUO

Convenient Airflow Control

By rotating the airflow control ring, you can adjust the airflow and get different vaping experiences.

Wismec Inde DUO

Two Choices of Atomizer Tube

In addition to the transparent 30mm atomizer tube, the atomizer base can also match with the 22mm atomizer tube, which greatly enhance the applicability of atomizer base.

Wismec Inde DUO

No Thread Connection

Instead of the traditional thread design, the application of black heat-resistant O rings makes the assembly much easier.

Wismec Inde DUO

DIY Fun and Rebuildable Coils

The fans can wrap the coils on the basis of their own preference and enjoy the fun of DIY.

Wismec Inde DUO
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