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Why Is My Vape Leaking? Solved! - Wismec USA

By CHN Warranty 10 months ago 119 Views No comments

You may find that the e-liquid escaped from your vape tank. Is your vape broken? If you leave alone this issue, the vape juice will continue to escape and your bags, and clothes could be ruined. We are glad that we find out some causes and how to solve this issue for you.

Why is my vape leaking?

  • Bad seal. The loose connection of your tank might cause the e-cig dripping or leaking issue.
  • Store direction of vape. If you carry and store your vape device horizontally all the time, the possibility of e-cigarette dripping is highly increased.
  • Component is damaged. Are your coil or other components damaged?
  • Wrong vaping style. Sometimes short and fast inhales can easily lead to vape spitting juice.

How to fix vape leaking by yourself

Vape leaking issue can be solved easily by yourself, if following these potential solutions to save your vape.

Tight your vape tank

Have you sealed your vape tank correctly? Sometimes the top or bottom of the tank is not connected properly and the vape juice escapes from the tank. But do not make it too tight. Just keep the threads in sync to avoid any vape leaking. Besides, always put your vape vertically to avoid the vape leaking from air hole.

Change or clean vape coil and vape tank

After long-term usage, the e-juice residue has adhered to your vape coil and vape tank. It is vital to clean the vape coil and vape tank for the sake of your health. And you also need to change the vape coil from time to time.

Check vape components including O-ring

Reassemble your vape device and check all of the components. Is there any part broken and needs replacement? The O-ring is a ring located at the top and bottom of the vape tank. If it is damaged, the seal of your vape will be affected, and this causes the vape leaking from the air hole. Just replace the O-ring with a new one.

Change vape style

Is your vape spitting juice during vaping? If you still vape like a smoker, it is not weird that this problem bothers you. You need to use a way to inhale the vapor differently from smoking since they work differently. The short inhale causes the vape leaking easily. Just try to inhale smoother and longer. Learn how to vape MTL and DTL.

Change your vape kit

If your vape kit still leaks, maybe there are some other problems with your vape kit. You are highly recommended to find a professional the check your vape or change to another advanced vape kit for your security.

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