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[2023]7 Fixes for Vape Pen Won’t Charge | Wismec USA

By CHN Warranty 9 months ago 113 Views No comments

Vaping grows its popularity over the past decades. As electric equipment, vapes by no exception could have problems such as battery issues after years of usage. If you sadly find that your vape pen won’t charge or your rechargeable disposable vape not charging, the article offers 7 tested suggestions for you to fix the vape not charging issue easily.

how to fix vape won't charging in wismec usa vape shop

How to fix vape pen not charging with green light?

Some of you might discover that vape pen not charging green light. The blinking green vape indicates your vape is dead and needs to be charged. Simply use the correct charger to charge your vape. If the light will turn red, it tells you that the vape battery has run out. Otherwise, your vape battery is probably broken. So you could need to change your battery or try a new vape.

How to fix vape pen not lighting up while charging?

Other vape users possibly come across another vape battery problem: the vape pen not lighting up while charging. Here is what we suggest. Firstly, simply charge the vape pen for an hour to make sure your vape is fully charged. If it does not light up, clean any dust inside the port with a q-tip. The worst possibility is that the issue of the vape pen not lighting up while charging still exists. Then you need to change the battery or get yourself a new vape. And the following is some common solutions for all the related issues about vape battery.

Check your charger

The vape charger and electrical outlet might have some problems and bring out the vape pen not charging issue or disposable vape not charging issue. To test whether the charger works normally, use another charger to charge your vape device. To test the electrical outlet, just charge other electric equipment such as your phone with this outlet or charge your vape pen with another outlet.

Clean battery connection and change vape coil

The dust or debris at the connection will influence the function of the vape battery. What you need to do is to unscrew the battery and clean the threads. Rub the battery threads with the help of a q-tip for a complete clean. Reassemble the battery and see whether the problem is solved.

The vape coil is disposable and you are bound to replace them with the new one regularly. It is advisable to change to a new vape coil to cope with the vape pen not charging problem.

Replace vape battery

Why is my vape not charging? Many users who aware that their vape battery won’t charge finally dig out the root - the battery. In this case, the only solution is to change your vape battery if your vape supplier tells you it supports the replacement of the battery. Otherwise, the next suggestion will help.

Switch to a good-quality vape

If all the methods above fail to fix your vape, the best choice for you currently is to switch to a high-end vape with good quality or a non-rechargeable disposable vape that does not need to charge such as the vapes in Wismec USA vape shop.

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