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What Is Cloud Chasing And Sub Ohm Vaping | Wismec USA

By CHN Warranty 6 months ago 92 Views No comments

If you purse the massive clouds of vapour, sub ohm vaping is an effective way you cannot miss. Here we will study and look for the best vaping technique, e-juice, settings to gain bigger cloud.

what is cloud chasing and sub ohm vaping in wismec usa vape shop

Cloud chasing vaping

What is cloud chasing vaping? You might have heard this vaping term before. Cloud chasing is a vaping style aiming to blow the biggest vapor. A great number of people all over the world chase to vape bigger cloud. Cloud chasers look for vape devices with low-resistance coils, good airflow, and high wattage and sub ohm vaping for more vaping cloud.

4 ways to get bigger clouds

Cloud chasers struggle to get bigger clouds and these 4 ways are some effective way worth your trying.

Use vape juice with higher VG: The vape juice you use makes a difference. As we all know, e-juice contains VG and PG. VG gives more vapors. If you are chasing bigger clouds, choose vaping juice with 50/50 PG/VG or higher VG.

Vaping technique: You have to inhale fast and hard enough to get more vapors and enough airflow can cool the coil and condense cloud

Airflow setting: Open airflow setting as open as possible. When the airflow is more open, more vapor will be produced.

High watt: To get more clouds, a vape mod with at least 40 watt is necessary.

Sub ohming: Use sub ohming vaping devices to gain bigger cloud. Use vape coil less than 0.5ohm to get higher power and more vaping clouds.

What is sub ohm vaping?

Sub ohm refers to the coil which means a lot for your vaping. Vaping devices heats their coil of wire to produce the vaping cloud. The coil has different resistance and sub ohm vaping means using vape devices that is less than one ohm to produce big clouds. Usually, sub ohm devices require a battery that is able to offer 40w at least in order to create more clouds. Sub ohm is so popular among vapes especially those who pursue large clouds.

wismec reux sub ohm tank in wismec usa vape shopWismec REUX Sub-Ohm Tank can both utilize a replaceable atomzier head and pre-made or self-built coil as RTA. With a 6ml tank capacity and new RX series coil head designed for wattages of up to 260W, Wismec REUX atomizer can make vapers enjoyable with a great vaping experience.

What are sub ohm advantages?

Then why did these vapers choose sub ohm vaping? What are the benefits of sub ohm vaping?

More clouds: The key function of sub ohm is the massive vapor cloud it brings to us. If you are wondering how to get bigger clouds, sub ohm will be the first thing you should try.

Great flavor: Sub ohming consumes a large amount of e-juice at one time, thus, it creates denser and more charming flavors. Some vapers hold the opinion that ordinary flavors become amazing under the sub ohm vaping.

Warm vapor: Another advantage of sub ohming is the warm vapor. Due to the high-wattages and low-ohm coils of sub ohm devices, you can enjoy warmer vapors when vaping.