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MTL VS DTL: Which Vaping Style Should You Choose | Wismec USA

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MTL VS DTL by wismec usa vape online store

You might come across MTL and DTL when you are in some vaping communities. MTL and DTL are 2 kinds of vaping styles that describe how vapers vape. MTL means vaping from mouth to lung and DTL means vaping directly to lung. Go ahead to figure out more info about MTL and DTL.

What is MTL vaping style?

MTL, also called Mouth to Lung, allows you to first inhale the vape vapor into your mouth and then into your lung.

How to vape MTL: Firstly, take a smooth and long inhale of vapor. When the vapor arrives at your mouth, draw the vapor and air into your lung at the same time. Then you should exhale the vapor.

What is DTL vaping style?

DTL, or Direct To Lung, requires you to inhale the vapor directly into the lung. How to vape DTL: Do a smooth and long inhale directly into your lung. Then exhale the vapor.

Mouth to Lung pros and cons


Easier for cigarette smokers.

You can taste more flavors when the vapor stays in your mouth using MTL.

The temperature of the vape device is not too high.

MTL vape devices are cheaper.


MTL vaping is weaker and less intense than DTL.

Direct To Lung pros and cons


DTL vaping creates a more intense vaping feeling and bigger clouds.

DTL vapes have adjustable airflow.

DTL vaping gives you the same experience with a lower nicotine level.


It is difficult for vape beginners to use Direct To Lung and easily causes cough from vaping.

Mouth to lung vs direct to lung for vapers

Both of MTL vs DTL vaping have their own advantages and disadvantages. But there must be one vaping style that is more suitable for you.

The experience of MTL vaping is much similar to that of smoking. And this vaping style is so easy even for beginners.

DTL vaping care about the vapor while MTL vaping is more about the cloud. This is considered a more advanced vaping style, while direct to lung might be a little hard at first.

What is the best MTL vape and DTL vape?

Using a proper MTL vape or DTL vape device makes it easier to try a new vaping style. Check the best MTL vape and DTL vape.

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