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November 2022

What Is Cloud Chasing And Sub Ohm Vaping | Wismec USA

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If you purse the massive clouds of vapour, sub ohm vaping is an effective way you cannot miss. Here we will study and look for the best vaping technique, e-juice, settings to gain bigger cloud.

what is cloud chasing and sub ohm vaping in wismec usa vape shop

Cloud chasing vaping

What is cloud chasing vaping? You might have heard this vaping term before. Cloud chasing is a vaping style aiming to blow the biggest vapor. A great number of people all over the world chase to vape bigger cloud. Cloud chasers look for vape devices with low-resistance coils, good airflow, and high wattage and sub ohm vaping for more vaping cloud.

4 ways to get bigger clouds

Cloud chasers struggle to get bigger clouds and these 4 ways are some effective way worth your trying.

Use vape juice with higher VG: The vape juice you use makes a difference. As we all know, e-juice contains VG and PG. VG gives more vapors. If you are chasing bigger clouds, choose vaping juice with 50/50 PG/VG or higher VG.

Vaping technique: You have to inhale fast and hard enough to get more vapors and enough airflow can cool the coil and condense cloud

Airflow setting: Open airflow setting as open as possible. When the airflow is more open, more vapor will be produced.

High watt: To get more clouds, a vape mod with at least 40 watt is necessary.

Sub ohming: Use sub ohming vaping devices to gain bigger cloud. Use vape coil less than 0.5ohm to get higher power and more vaping clouds.

What is sub ohm vaping?

Sub ohm refers to the coil which means a lot for your vaping. Vaping devices heats their coil of wire to produce the vaping cloud. The coil has different resistance and sub ohm vaping means using vape devices that is less than one ohm to produce big clouds. Usually, sub ohm devices require a battery that is able to offer 40w at least in order to create more clouds. Sub ohm is so popular among vapes especially those who pursue large clouds.

wismec reux sub ohm tank in wismec usa vape shopWismec REUX Sub-Ohm Tank can both utilize a replaceable atomzier head and pre-made or self-built coil as RTA. With a 6ml tank capacity and new RX series coil head designed for wattages of up to 260W, Wismec REUX atomizer can make vapers enjoyable with a great vaping experience.

What are sub ohm advantages?

Then why did these vapers choose sub ohm vaping? What are the benefits of sub ohm vaping?

More clouds: The key function of sub ohm is the massive vapor cloud it brings to us. If you are wondering how to get bigger clouds, sub ohm will be the first thing you should try.

Great flavor: Sub ohming consumes a large amount of e-juice at one time, thus, it creates denser and more charming flavors. Some vapers hold the opinion that ordinary flavors become amazing under the sub ohm vaping.

Warm vapor: Another advantage of sub ohming is the warm vapor. Due to the high-wattages and low-ohm coils of sub ohm devices, you can enjoy warmer vapors when vaping.

Nicotine Buzz: How Long Does A Nicotine Buzz Last? | Wismec USA

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If this is the first time you take in nicotine, possibly, you will meet the nicotine buzz. The nicotine buzz feels like a sudden dizziness or headrush. And it will not last for a long time. Detailed in this guide, we provide the answers to the most frequently asked questions about nicotine buzz.

how long does a nicotine buzz last by wismec usa vape shop

What is a nicotine buzz?

Nicotine is a mild stimulant and it causes nicotine buzz when you vape to take in nicotine. Nicotine will release dopamine and serotonin to send you a pleasant feeling to make you feel awesome. And nicotine also tightens the blood vessels which causes headrush or calm.

The feelings of nic buzz are different according to various vapers. Some may gain more focus and concentration while others could be attacked with a headrush or buzz caused by nic buzz. More often than not, a small amount of nicotine is more like a stimulant, while nicotine usually calms you down if you take in more.

How long does a nicotine buzz last?

Sometimes the vape buzz just disappears in only a few seconds, but at times the buzz feeling may last for 30 minutes or longer.

Nicotine buzz attacks vape beginners frequently. Some new vapers even choose vape juice with the wrong nicotine level, probably too high since they do not know much about nicotine strength. When vape beginners vape e-liquid with an improper nicotine strength such as 5%, mostly this level is too high for them, and nicotine buzz and some serious symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and nausea may occur. If you want to know more about nicotine strength, check full guide to choose the best nicotine strength.

As time flies by, it is more and more difficult for you to gain the nic buzz. Why does nicotine stop giving a buzz? The answer is your body gradually develops tolerance to nicotine.

How can I avoid nicotine buzz?

Will nicotine buzz bring headaches and nausea to you? How to stop the vape buzz and the unpleasant symptoms? Here we got 3 methods.

Taking some exercises is effective to stop the nicotine buzz. Exercise can clean the nicotine in your body by expelling sweat.

Drinking more water is also necessary since nicotine dehydrates you. Drinking more water provides the water you lost during vaping and your body can expel nicotine with the water.

The final suggestion is to choose a low-nicotine strength disposable vape or vape juice. Most disposable vape offers 5% nicotine level, which is too high for some new vapers. If you do not become dependent on nicotine, then low nicotine disposable such as VAAL 4500 Synthetic Rechargeable Disposable Vape is a good option. VAAL 4500 Disposable Vape Device has a powerful rechargeable battery with a large capacity that can reach up to 570mAh, so when it runs out of power you can continue to use it by recharging it again. At the same time, it also adopts a pre-filled e-liquid design, and the capacity of e-liquid is not stingy to provide a full 10ml for each device that you can enjoy such a delicious fully.

vaal 4500 synthetic rechargeable disposable vape box with biggest black friday sales in wismec usa vape shop

How to get a nicotine buzz every time?

Vaping buzz is pleasant and attractive for some vapers. It is time to regain the nicotine buzz safely if you decide to find it back! The only way to resume a nicotine buzz is to stop taking in nicotine for a period of time rather than add up the nicotine level or frequency. Stopping vaping regularly is a workable way to enjoy the vape buzz once again while do not develop a dependence on nicotine.

Why Is My Vape Leaking? Solved! - Wismec USA

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You may find that the e-liquid escaped from your vape tank. Is your vape broken? If you leave alone this issue, the vape juice will continue to escape and your bags, and clothes could be ruined. We are glad that we find out some causes and how to solve this issue for you.

Why is my vape leaking?

  • Bad seal. The loose connection of your tank might cause the e-cig dripping or leaking issue.
  • Store direction of vape. If you carry and store your vape device horizontally all the time, the possibility of e-cigarette dripping is highly increased.
  • Component is damaged. Are your coil or other components damaged?
  • Wrong vaping style. Sometimes short and fast inhales can easily lead to vape spitting juice.

How to fix vape leaking by yourself

Vape leaking issue can be solved easily by yourself, if following these potential solutions to save your vape.

Tight your vape tank

Have you sealed your vape tank correctly? Sometimes the top or bottom of the tank is not connected properly and the vape juice escapes from the tank. But do not make it too tight. Just keep the threads in sync to avoid any vape leaking. Besides, always put your vape vertically to avoid the vape leaking from air hole.

Change or clean vape coil and vape tank

After long-term usage, the e-juice residue has adhered to your vape coil and vape tank. It is vital to clean the vape coil and vape tank for the sake of your health. And you also need to change the vape coil from time to time.

Check vape components including O-ring

Reassemble your vape device and check all of the components. Is there any part broken and needs replacement? The O-ring is a ring located at the top and bottom of the vape tank. If it is damaged, the seal of your vape will be affected, and this causes the vape leaking from the air hole. Just replace the O-ring with a new one.

Change vape style

Is your vape spitting juice during vaping? If you still vape like a smoker, it is not weird that this problem bothers you. You need to use a way to inhale the vapor differently from smoking since they work differently. The short inhale causes the vape leaking easily. Just try to inhale smoother and longer. Learn how to vape MTL and DTL.

Change your vape kit

If your vape kit still leaks, maybe there are some other problems with your vape kit. You are highly recommended to find a professional the check your vape or change to another advanced vape kit for your security.

Best vape kit in 2022 - LUXOTIC NC with Guilotine V2 Vape Kit

best vape kit in 2022- LUXOTIC NC with guilotine V2 vape kit in wismec usa vape shop

LUXOTIC NC with Guilotine V2 Vape Kit is compatible with dual 18650/20700 batteries, LUXOTIC NC devotes to providing you with an incomparable vaping experience. With a detachable structure and Clapton 0.28ohm coil, Guillotine V2 pairs with the LUXOTIC NC perfectly for cloud chasing.

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Vaping Indoors: Effects of Vaping Inside House - Wismec USA

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Is vaping at home allowed? Unlike smoking, vaping indoors is accepted by most people. Vaping does not produce a bad smell that influences people around nor does smoke cause people to cough. If you still worry about the effects of vaping inside, head to the following passage.

effects of vaping inside house by wismec usa online vape shop

Does vaping indoors leave a smell?

Compared with transitional smoking, vaping inside home does not leave much smell. Most vape flavors are pleasant and the smell of vaping will not make people feel bad. However, some

People may be sensitive to vaping indoors smell. And vaping does leave a little smell on your clothes and furniture.

To avoid that, just vape at an open window to avoid the lingering smell of vaping inside your home. And ask about the feeling of your family members or friends in advance when you want to vape inside house. Besides, basic cleaning for your home can remove the smell from your clothes easily.

Does vaping inside stain walls?

As we all know, smoking cigarettes will stain the wall and even your furniture, turning them disgusting brown. In contrast, vaping does not destroy your wall and furniture. Vaping indoors residue only forms over a pretty long time and when you never do the basic cleaning for your house.

Here is how you can clean Vaping indoors residue. First, you can vape besides the window and open the door and window during and after vaping. Second, you can clean the possible residue with a wet cloth from wall and furniture at times.

Effects of vaping indoors for pets and plants

Some animals especially dogs may get angry or anxious when they smell the vapor from vaping. You should try to avoid vaping beside your pets to prevent their intake of nicotine from vape vapor. Most importantly, keep your vape pen and e-juice away from your pets, making sure your pets can never reach your vaping devices by locking them in a box. Eating vape devices will even bring fatal danger to your pets. Plants in the house can detoxify the air, which is good for cleaning the air. But if air in your home is too bad, you might find the plants start wilting. If so, just go to someplace that is away from your plants to vape or move plants somewhere else.

Conclusion: is vaping inside okay?

Mostly, it is okay to vape indoors, but it is never too polite to ask the opinion of other people in the same room. If you follow the advice above, you can deal with the effect of vaping inside easily.

wismec usa CB-80 with amor ns pro vape kit in wismec usa vape online shop

Cannot wait to begin vaping in your cozy room? An advanced vaping device such as Wismec CB-80 will make it better! CB-80 with Amor NS Pro (Check Bunny 80watt), another masterpiece designed for high nicotine and nic-salts use by Jake Barney, boasts its 80W max output with 2A quick charge technology. Stylish in look and convenient in use, you can get the vaping pleasure instantly from CB-80 under the support of optimized software.

MTL VS DTL: Which Vaping Style Should You Choose | Wismec USA

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MTL VS DTL by wismec usa vape online store

You might come across MTL and DTL when you are in some vaping communities. MTL and DTL are 2 kinds of vaping styles that describe how vapers vape. MTL means vaping from mouth to lung and DTL means vaping directly to lung. Go ahead to figure out more info about MTL and DTL.

What is MTL vaping style?

MTL, also called Mouth to Lung, allows you to first inhale the vape vapor into your mouth and then into your lung.

How to vape MTL: Firstly, take a smooth and long inhale of vapor. When the vapor arrives at your mouth, draw the vapor and air into your lung at the same time. Then you should exhale the vapor.

What is DTL vaping style?

DTL, or Direct To Lung, requires you to inhale the vapor directly into the lung. How to vape DTL: Do a smooth and long inhale directly into your lung. Then exhale the vapor.

Mouth to Lung pros and cons


Easier for cigarette smokers.

You can taste more flavors when the vapor stays in your mouth using MTL.

The temperature of the vape device is not too high.

MTL vape devices are cheaper.


MTL vaping is weaker and less intense than DTL.

Direct To Lung pros and cons


DTL vaping creates a more intense vaping feeling and bigger clouds.

DTL vapes have adjustable airflow.

DTL vaping gives you the same experience with a lower nicotine level.


It is difficult for vape beginners to use Direct To Lung and easily causes cough from vaping.

Mouth to lung vs direct to lung for vapers

Both of MTL vs DTL vaping have their own advantages and disadvantages. But there must be one vaping style that is more suitable for you.

The experience of MTL vaping is much similar to that of smoking. And this vaping style is so easy even for beginners.

DTL vaping care about the vapor while MTL vaping is more about the cloud. This is considered a more advanced vaping style, while direct to lung might be a little hard at first.

What is the best MTL vape and DTL vape?

Using a proper MTL vape or DTL vape device makes it easier to try a new vaping style. Check the best MTL vape and DTL vape.

MTL vape - Motiv 2 Pod Kit

colorful motive 2 pod kit with convenient filling solution and improved leak prevention by wismec usa vape online shop

MOTIV 2 Pod Kit boasts its convenient filling solution and improved leak prevention. Featuring an intuitive refillable cartridge, and a built-in 500mAh battery, 3ml versions are available in the product. Offering great functionality and great portability, the MOTIV 2 is such an elegant, simple, and versatile pod.


Wismec luxotic surface vape box with OLED screen in wismec usa vape online store

WISMEC LUXOTIC SURFACE, the smallest squonk box with a 0.49inch OLED screen, is compact and ergonomic enough to lead the vaping industry. Powered by a single replaceable 18650 cell, WISMEC LUXOTIC SURFACE is capable of firing up to 80W, offering you more powerful output than ever.

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