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September 2022

How Old Do You Have to Be to Vape in USA? | Wismec US

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how old do you have to be to vape in USA by wismec us?

USA is the biggest market for vapes. But before you buy a vape, it is essential to know whether you are at the age to vape in your state. Read ahead to know everything you need to know before starting to vape.

How old do you have to be to buy a vape in USA

Is it illegal to own a vape under 21 in the USA? In the past, there is no federal regulation or policy on at what age can you vape. But with the spread of vapes among teenagers, the federal Tobacco 21 law was passed in 2019. After that, selling vaping products to those who are under 21 will be illegal.

However, different states have different regulations which are still changing all the time. Even counties may have their own rules. So you might need to check the specific rules about age to vape in the area you are in. You can vape when you are 21 or older in these states: California, Hawaii, Maine, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, and Virginia. You are at the age to buy vapes when you are at least 19 in Alabama and Alaska. In other states, the legal age to buy vape is 18.

How old to buy a vape globally

If you are going to travel to other countries with your vapes, it is necessary to know the regulation about vaping in this country and the rules about vape on plane. The legal age to vape is 19 in South Korea, Jordan, and Turkey. The legal age to vape is 20 in Japan. The legal age to vape is 21 in Ethiopia, Guam, Philippines, Honduras, Niue, and Palau. The legal age to vape is 18 in other counties.

Suggestion: How to choose the best vapes

If you are within the legal age to vape, then you should start to choose your first vape and here is a suggestion.

wismec usa CB-60 powerful vape kit in vape shop

Wismec CB-60 (Check Bunny 60watt) boasts its inbuilt 2300mAh battery with 2A quick charge system. Compact yet simple, the CB-60 focuses on MTL vaping, aiming to provide a tight airflow similar to a cigarette. The AMOR NS tank with new WS03 horizontal coil is a simplistic design for easy juice fill and low maintenance for the user. The original price of this vape is $69.99. It is now $29.99 and here is a gift for you - use code: CB60 to save an extra 19% off - only $24.49.

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Disadvantages and Benefits of Vaping: Should I Vape? | Wismec US

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There are uncountable mixed opinions about vaping. Is it bad for our health or worth trying? After taking to some vaping pros, we get these pros and cons of vaping for your check.

Pros of vaping

Healthier than smoking

Smoking is bad for your health but it is too difficult for many people to quit smoking. Considering the health benefits of vaping vs smoking, more people would like to vape rather than smoke. In recent years, many smokers try to vape to quit smoking and many of them succeed in stopping smoking. If you are trying to quit smoking, why not try to vape, which is healthier than smoking cigarette? And vaping will not stain your teeth. Also, there is no evidence that proves vaping will release secondhand smoke. Thus, this can be one of the leading positive effects of vaping.

Better smell

Smoking will make you and even your clothes smell bad and the best perfume cannot cover that smell. But vaping will help you avoid the embarrassment. Vape e-liquid provides flavors like sweet desert, fresh fruits, or mint. They make you smell awesome.

Various options

You have uncountable choices for vaping juice flavors, vape kits, that will bring you different vaping experiences. Moreover, vape brands struggle to create new flavors and provide new flavors for vapers from time to time.

Less cost

Compared with smoking, vaping benefits everyone regarding the cost. The vape kit is not disposable so you can use it for years if you keep them properly. Even if you start with disposable vapes, vaping will not cost a lot since most disposable vapes are low-cost.

High-quality but cheap vape suggestion

Wismec luxotic surface vape kit in wismec usa vape store

WISMEC LUXOTIC SURFACE, the smallest squonk box with 0.49inch OLED screen, is compact and ergonomic enough to lead the vaping industry. Powered by single replaceable 18650 cell, WISMEC LUXOTIC SURFACE is capable of firing up to 80W, offering you more powerful output than ever.

Control nicotine

For good things about vaping, the control of nicotine cannot be ignored. You have complete control of the nicotine you intake via vaping. E-liquid brands offer vape juice from all levels and even 0 nicotine e-liquid. Most vapers will start from a high level according to their need and gradually to low nicotine levels even 0 nicotine e-liquid.

Cons of vaping

Risks for health

Indeed, vaping is safer than smoking, while it still has potential dangers. The e-cigarette is created in recent decades. We do not have enough scientific experiments and research to completely know everything about vaping and its effects. At least, currently, we know vaping will cause itchy throat, dry mouth, cough, and other harmful influences to you.

Induce non-smokers

With cool appearance and sweet flavors, vaping attracts numberless non-smokers and even teens. Many of them are not clear about vaping and indulge in vaping once they have a try.

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How to Clean Vape Tank And Vape Coil - Full Guide | Wismec US

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Have you noticed the e-juice residue is still left inside your vape device when you end up with a flavor? Simple cleaning for your vape tank and vape coil will solve this issue. Most importantly, cleaning vape tank and vape coil benefits your health.

2 reasons for cleaning vape

Generally, there are 2 reasons for you to clean vape coil and vape tank regularly. First and foremost, cleaning vape tank and coil is good for your health. When vaping, plenty of bacteria in your saliva will go through the mouthpiece and load at the vape tank and vape coil. That is why it is essential to clean vape pens.

Besides, the buildup of e-juice residue will incredibly destroy your vaping experience. Just imagine how awful it is when the flavor of the last vape juice is mixed with the current flavor. The residue buildup will let the coil and tank get dirty and ruin the performance of your advanced vape kit.

When should we clean vape coil and tank?

You must notice the necessity of cleaning vape tank and coil if you read here. But when should you clean vape coil and tank? It is highly recommended to clean your vape tank and coil each time you change the vaping juice, which will effectively prevent the mix of vape juice flavors. You should clean vape tank and coil for at least 2 weeks even if you use the same flavor all the time.

How to clean a vape?

Here rises our final question - how to clean vape pen? For the vape battery, the main body of your vape kit, you can just swipe the dirt as well as bacteria outside of your vape body with an antibacterial wipe. And this detailed guide below is how to clean vape tank and vape coil.

How to clean vape tank?

Mostly, a simple rinse will solve this problem and make your vape tank clean and advanced again. You only need to get some warm water and disassemble the vape tank from your vape device. Use warm water to clean all the tank parts. Dry your vape tank with a clean cloth and leave it alone for a few minutes.

If your tank is too dirty to clean with a simple water rinse, you can try to deep clean your vape tank with these helpers: alcohol, lemon juice, baking soda in solution, or vinegar. Prepare one of them, a toothbrush, and a bowl before starting deep cleaning your vape tank. Fill your bowl with warm water and alcohol or vinegar. Pull all of your tank parts into your bowl. Leave it alone for an hour and then use your idle toothbrush to scrub them to remove all the vape juice residue. Dry the vape tank before you reassemble it.

Wismec Amor Atomizer Kit

If you find your vape kit still lacks performance, you still need to change to another one. Look through vape tanks that are even under $6.

How to clean a vape coil?

Unlike vape tanks, vape coils are designed to be replaced regularly. The effect of cleaning vape coils will not shock you just like that of cleaning vape tank. You can use the method to clean vape tank to clean your vape coil. Remember to dry vape coil before inserting it into your vape.

WS Coil Head (5pcs)

After the cleaning, you still need to replace the vape coil. From Wismec US vape shop, you can find vape coils at low prices with high quality and performance, so do not worry about the cost!