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6 Best Box Mods in 2023 - Wismec USA

By CHN Warranty 9 months ago 117 Views No comments

Get tired of starter kits and vape pens? Then the more powerful vape mods that have much more features and bigger power will satisfy you. Check some of the best box mods 2023 as below, which are tested and praised by multiple experienced vapers.

best box mods in 2022 in wismec usa vape shop

LUXOTIC BF Box with Tobhino BF RDA - $59.99

LUXOTIC BF BOX, one of the best vape mods 2022, features its reimagined squonk system and inbuilt refillable e-liquid bottle of 7.5ml capacity. Convenient in use and fashionable in look, the LUXOTIC BF BOX mod is powered by a single replaceable 18650 cell. The high-end bottom-fed rebuildable drip atomizer, Tobhino BF RDA, impresses us and many vape pros.

Wismec luxotic bf box with tobhino bf rda in wismec vape shopSpecification:

Size: 43.2*25.1*76.7mm

Weight: 124.6g

Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector

Cell type: high-rate 18650 cell

Max output wattage: 100W

Features: Refillable E-liquid Bottle of 7.5ml Capacity; Replaceable Side Cover; Optional Top Cap;

Sinuous Predator 228 with Elabo Kit - $39.99(56% off)

Sinuous Predator 228 vape mod is powered by dual replaceable 18650 cells and its max output reaches 228W/50A. The application of plated USB ports contact of this best vape mod makes it possible to realize 2A quick charge. Moreover, thanks to the RC (reverse charging) adapter, Predator 228 box mod can serve as a power bank to charge your other electronic devices. The unique hidden fire button is definitely a plus to the fashionable but simple appearance.

Wismec sinuous predator 228 with elabo kit in wismec usa vape shop


Size: 56mm*28mm*97mm

Output wattage: 1-228W

Features: 228W/50A Max Output with Dual 18650 Cells; Optional Heads; Detachable Structure for Easy Cleaning;...

CB-80 with Amor NS Pro - $24.99(70% Off)

Wismec CB-80 with Amor NS Pro (Check Bunny 80watt), is a masterpiece designed for high nicotine and nic-salts use. The best vape mod, CB-80 boasts its 80W max output with 2A quick charge technology. Also, since it is stylish in look and convenient in use, you can get vaping pleasure instantly from CB-80 under the optimized software. With a refined airflow control system and a new WS04 MTL 1.3ohm head for pure flavor, the best box mod in 2022 provides you with more than you can imagine. Among the last few days of 2022, the CB-80 box mod is 70% off.

Wismec cb-80 with amor ns pro vape kit in wismec usa vape shop


Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector

Cell type: high-rate 18650 cell

Output wattage: 1-80W

Features: Detachable Structure; Refined Airflow Control System; Dual Circuit Protection

Presa 40W - $16.99 (62% off)

Wismec Presa 40w MOD Battery - 2300mAh, is the cheapest and best vape mod 2022. This vape mod adopts the temperature control system providing a low-loss vaping experience. Just enjoy a prolonged vape by adjusting the working temperature of the coil under the VW Mode. The Presa vape mod can achieve 40W/8V with a 2300mAh battery, which makes full-power vape production quick. The enlarged fire button of the Wismec Presa 40w box mod was designed so you can comfortably grip the Presa in many different ways.

Wismec presa 40w box mod kit in wismec usa vape shop


Size: 34.9*24.4*81.9mm

Display Size: 0.69inch

Thread type: 510 spring loaded thread

Battery Capacity: 2300mah

Charging Time: 3-3.5h with 1A charger

LUXOTIC DF Box Mod - $39.99(53% off)

Here comes one of the best vape mods 2022 from the LUXOTIC series, LUXOTIC DF BOX. This is definitely a powerful and delicate stunner. Featuring the reimagined squonk system and internal refillable e-liquid bottle of 7ml vape juice capacity, the dual 18650 box mod offers you 200W max output. The elaborately carved lines and cutting design of LUXOTIC DF Box Mod deliver a potent masculine force. This rough yet forceful box mod is only $39.99, 53% off the former price.

Luxotic df box mod in wismec usa vape shop


Size: 42.1*54.5*77.2mm

Weight: 190g

Thread type: 510 spring-loaded connector

Output wattage: 1-200W

Dual 18650 Squonker with Intuitive Display

LUXOTIC NC with Guilotine V2 - $74.99(29% off)

LUXOTIC NC with Guilotine V2 vape mod is compatible with dual 18650/20700 batteries, providing you with an incomparable vaping experience. With a detachable structure and Clapton 0.28ohm coil, Guillotine V2 pairs with the best vape mod LUXOTIC NC perfectly for cloud chasing. Featuring the optional output mode in series and parallel as well as multiple protection systems, this box mod is safe and reliable.

Luxotic nc wiht guilotine v2 box mod vape kit in wismec usa vape shop


Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector

Cell type: high-rate 20700/18650 cell

Max output wattage: 250W

Features: Optional Output Mode; Unique Design of Adjustable Voltage; Offering Two Drip Tips...